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Holly Chippindale is a travel, fashion and lifestyle Super8 videographer and film photographer. Australian born and raised, she calls Bali, Indonesia her island home. Holly is self-taught, beginning her industry career with Faithfull The Brand - which saw her love of film transition from an inspiring hobby, to the professional passion it is today. Following her 5 years with the brand, Holly now encompasses both the creative knowledge and business strategy underpinnings to recognize what brands want and need from their content.


Holly has had the pleasure of travelling the world for her work as a Super 8 Videographer. Her travels saw her jet-set from the Italian Riviera, to the French Countryside, to the retro Mexican seaside town of Acapulco and more - where she has been continuously inspired by the dreamy locations and cultures she has had the pleasure of capturing. She has had the unique opportunity to learn from fellow creatives within the film industry, forging these professional and personal relationships over the years.


Her work is imbued with a strong sense of aesthetic exploration and storytelling. As a female creative, she specialises in creating effortless imagery and motion that is at its core, authentic and natural.


Holly seeks sunny days by the Mediterranean Sea, travelling with her 1980s Super8 and film cameras; and a suitcase worth of film - she is inspired by mesmerising landscapes, glistening sunsets and the raw and natural beauty of the female form.