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The Project.
Photographed on a 1976 Canon along the mesmerising coastlines of Italy, Spain, Greece and Croatia. A hard-cover coffee table book curated with 250+ photographs imbued with a strong sense of aesthetic exploration and stories told of summers past.
Be transported to hidden coves, nostalgic seascapes and alluring hotels inside LE MEDITERRANEAN.

"If this book brings you happiness in the form of memories or dreaming of future travels, I'll be happy. I've been collecting photography and travel books for many years, and there's something so special about a physical piece of work you can sit back and review time after time - departing that moment with nothing but a smile and a longing to see the world. I hope LE MEDITERRANEAN can be that for other people around the world." - Photographer and Publisher, Holly Chippindale.

Hotel Partners in Production with See La Danse.
A few summers ago, Cristina Mengual from The Slow Mediterranean (Formerly SeeLaDanse) and I connected and shared the idea of LE MEDITERRANEAN with her. Her love and passion for The Mediterranean slow life is the best I have seen, always looking to her platform for new regions to explore. I couldn't imagine not working with her, as her recommended hotels assisted in this project coming to life.

Le Mediterranean Book
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